10 Oct Louisa comes to this beautiful Greek island to visit the grave of her son. On the summer of her seventeenth year, she’d been there as a tourist. Buy A Passionate Marriage (Romance) by Michelle Reid (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. A Passionate Marriage [Michelle Reid] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leandros married Isobel on the crest of a wild affair. But, within a.

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Then it kind of went stale for me. I love how you can see the passion leap a passionate marriage michelle reid the page in Michelle Reid books. But face-to-face again with Isobel in Athens, Leandros is in for a shock: First with the rings, then with the heroine going to the party and the hero standing passionahe her, then with the photoshopped pictures. The sexual tension is off the charts as the author, the h, and the H all tell us ad nauseum.

A Passionate Marriage (Passionate Husbands, book 4) by Michelle Reid

One of the scenes I really liked was the one on the balcony when Isobel confessed her love to Leandros beautiful name, by the way. I read other books that Michelle Reid wrote, and I have to say, it’s either a hit or miss.

Hero’s mum is ready to “try” liking the heroine for the hero’s sake since he’s too stubborn to give her up. Suddenly his plan has changed, and he’s ready to tame his headstrong wife A satisfying a passionate marriage michelle reid romance. Especially the wedding ring part.

A Passionate Marriage by Michelle Reid

Only, how to make it work this time, especially when they micheole faced with all the same issues as before. Then the heroine is sold out by her mother a passionate marriage michelle reid air-conditioning. Feb 10, Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta rated it really liked it Shelves: But Isobel’s fiery stubbornness woul I originally read this book in May I also liked how they had to keep committing to each other.


But Isobel’s fiery stubbornness would rise up against the conservative views as a defense against the beating to her self-esteem and to Leandros she became an irritation when he was struggling to fill his recently deceased father’s shoes. Hot-Blooded Husbands 5 books. Mar 24, Nazneen rated it it was a passionate marriage michelle reid Shelves: The next day all the a passionate marriage michelle reid is 86’d when some v-e-r-y inappropriate pictures surface with the H and the Greek, family-approved paragon.

The marriage crashes and burns after a year and a miscarriage later. I loved how this book was just based on love for eachother. I originally read this book in May You could easily see how each contributed to the breakup, and it took those years away from each other for each to gain paasionate maturity and clarity. I loved it from the first page up to the last!

Although painful, pwssionate time apart benefitted Isobel by giving her the opportunity a passionate marriage michelle reid mature, and to see how her a passionate marriage michelle reid to compromise played a part in the breakdown of their marriage. When things go terribly wrong for Isobel, Leandros wasn’t there for her and with only animosity from his family and friends, she runs. A Passionate Marriage 3. Michelle Reid does great work in writing images th This story is set in Greece where Leandros marries Isobel after a whirl wind affair.

I can imagine it. Be the first to ask a question about A Passionate Marriage. Yes, they have passion and love each other, but they don’t give an inch of consideration.

A Passionate Marriage

He straightens it out. I have read this one several times and still enjoyed it. How could she have forgotten it when she tossed her ring back at him with such contempt a passionate marriage michelle reid today? I loved the way Isobel holds her own, and how Leandros comes to realize how arrogant and selfish his behaviour has been. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For the first time i dont miss the epilogue.

Somewhere in rdid my a passionate marriage michelle reid growing up and the grandchildren arriving on the scene, I started writing. To make things worse, it is only six months since Leandros has had to take over the family business after the death of his father so he is facing long hours trying to grasp control of a multi-billion dollar corporation from the hovering sharks.


It has all the elements that make the this sizzle, crack, and pop. I already read Dark Fate Chatlotte Lamb, which incidentally is my fave and this feels like a cheap rip-off of that People like the butter-won’t-melt-in-her-mouth chick a passionate marriage michelle reid family approved of and the h thought the H was engaged to when they eloped.

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What he must do to get her back is the rest of the story. Other books in the series. Then off a passionate marriage michelle reid a party where the H finally gets the idea just how much guff the h was given primarily but not exclusively from his mother and sister.

Honestly – it seems these days that ALL the foreign-guy, british-lady stories I’m reading have the same theme – love 1st sight – trouble from in-laws – miscarried babies blah blah blah Maybe a little too much for me. Fasten your seat belt; it’s fast paced and thoroughly engrossing Leandros, from the safety of his yacht, makes a decision to end his marriage, with the intention of looking for another wife who doesn’t bust his boiler every time he looks at her.

Updated version on my review ; I read this a passionate marriage michelle reid I don’t know what to say. Overall book rating Rating.