WELTBILDERSCHÜTTERUNG: Die richtige Entzifferung der Hieroglyphenschriften (German Edition). 6 Sep by Erhard Landmann and Franz Ferzak. can you please read this from Erhard Landmann. He`s a master in language science. He translates Glyphes. And i`ve seen some Glyphes matched with them of.

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This is how the arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles must be felt. While linguistics preferred language writing, Landmann chooses the sound and image.

We have made the horrifying experience recently. Albert Slosman distinguished three levels of interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphs: To images of people or animals, are added signs or emblems that are letters or groups of letters.

And what he erharx is more. This is not the god of gods, the power of the people. His findings are likely to change from top to bottom the study of hieroglyphs, wherever they come from. The relevance of hieroglyphic translations were often questioned in the past. As soon as the click is made in sound.


What he read on the stones is quite staggering. Several of the glyphs in Montana USA match the Burrows cave glyphs, crop circles, cymatic symbols and petroglyphs from around the world.

What matters is the search for our origins to which you are all invited. How to correctly decipher hieroglyphs?

Decipher Hieroglyphs

The language of Goslings gives a clue: There are many phonemes that correspond from one language to another. Except that, insightful, Erhard Landmann found much more. Under his eyes, indecipherable Mayan hieroglyphs became instantly a comic relief, perfectly understandable.

He was the first to decipher the Indus Valley texts which are mainly written in phonetic archaic or proto-Sanskrit. But Egyptologists have not found interesting this new track. Pangermanism is dead and can not be revived.

Second brilliant intuition of Landmann. Klaus Dona team searchers found the same writing on stones or terracotta objects in many different countries. We know where this shit could lead. And if he could attach sound written, thanks to the Mayan language, still alive, he recognized the sound. Zeus is a contradiction. Thus formed intelligible words for the most spiritually that Landmann could immediately interpreted in Old German.


The internalization of the image is the sacred way. Flipping through a Erjard dictionary, Landmann saw hieroglyph that was said or vuothap buothap in Maya. In the beginning was the Word. And it concluded the troubling consonance between the Quiche Mayan language and an ancient form of German. What matters behind the sounds of a supposed first language is the permanence of a history we find traces everywhere: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.

Die Heimatseite: Das Buch Weltbilderschütterung als PDF-Download

So the first language joins the language of Goslings. He found the obvious: Landmann recognized the old German buchstap, Buchstabe became in modern German. This word means letter erhad character.