5 Apr Huntress by Malinda Lo, out today from Little, Brown, is a prequel to her first novel, Ash (reviewed here by Elizabeth Bear), and is set in that. 5 Apr Huntress is the story of two girls: Taisin, a gifted student well on her way to becoming one of the best sages of her generation, and Kaede, her. Ash (); Huntress (); The Fox (), short story set after Huntress, published in Subterranean Magazine.

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One of the things I found so refreshing about this book is the love story that malindz between the two female main characters. Open Preview See a Problem?

Malinda Lo – Wikipedia

While the relationship between Kaede and Taisin is build upon, a great part of the novel is about the heroes going from place to place and doing stuff. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I liked how there would be multiple points of view in one chapter, it 3. Both Kaede and Taisin are admirable characters, they are strong ,alinda yet have a lot of moments where they doubt themselves.

Jun 06, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: I also felt no emotion whatsoever for the fairy queen later on, although I think the author tried. There’s overly lyrical writing, and characters don’t respond the way they have before.


A Review—Huntress by Malinda Lo. I couldn’t put it down, because I was so curious about where this story was going. Kaede and Taisin are two girls in their late teens.

Taisin has planned all her life to become a malind, and sages are required to be celibate. Young malindqfantasyscience fiction. In a world in which this is like the one YA fantasy in a thousand that actually gets to have gay people in it, that is just bewilderingly crap. I liked the character of Con, and Kaede’s father, and also Fin, though she doesn’t get all that much limelight. Reviewers at BooklistKirkus Reviews and elsewhere have compared it favorably to the television program The X-Files.

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Malinda Lo

In thousands of generations of beings that live hundreds of years, they have never had a queen fall down a flight of stairs or get hit by lightning or murdered in a jealous fit or struck down by a rival or killed in war? View all 3 comments. And maybe the problem was that I was expecting too much based on the previous book in this setting. There are questions of destiny woven into the romance.

The novel also concludes with a finished, complete ending that was unexpected but that showed the depth of understanding and love between the characters involved.

Remember how in “The Dark Wife” a lot of people noticed that while Hades huntreas Persephone’s relationship is greatly build upon, there’s not enough action?

That said, I enjoyed Huntress even more than Ash. Secondly, the lyrical style of prose was insufficient to carry the weight of the quest.

Between them, they wield magic, knives, arrows and strategy to make a difficult huntrwss to the fairy city of Tanlili. Review copy provided by publisher. There is a lot more action in this book than there was in Ash and a lot more adventure. Overall a wonderful new book from Lo. I don’t know if authors make my life excellent or a living hell. Their romantic dynamic is equally well-written. Even after the mage-type character explains she is dedicated to celibacy, the other girl just kisses her and then is “oh, wow, wonder hunrress she ran away?

See, I loved the characters. This one is top notch. All comments must meet the community hungress outlined in Tor. Chapter Fifty-Five Lovecraftian Reread: When two women make the decision not to spend their lives together, but to choose their careers, it’s important that the audience see why they made that decision. The sun hasn’t shone in years, and crops are failing.

It was a wonderful book. To solve the crisis, the oracle stones are cast, and Kaede and Taisin, two seventeen-year-old girls, are picked to go on a dangerous and unheard-of journey to Tanlili, the city of the Fairy Queen. There was nothing else the author could have done and retained the integrity of the world she created. The prologue also ruined much of the story for me, because I knew from the opening chapter which characters would survive to a certain point and how their relationships would evolve.


So I enjoyed this, I’ve heard really good things about Malinda Lo’s books so I was really looking forward to it. It was of the “characters X and Y did something bad, so let’s atone for it by sacrificing an innocent bystander, to prevent the end of the world” variety.

Written while working towards huntdess M. The flap copy describes it as such: It distinctly felt like the author just needed them to be together. About two thirds of the way through this book, I put it down, and it was so hard from then to get to the end. I really liked the writing, it was very descriptive huntres I could picture the scenes very clearly in my head.

That would have provided for some amazing character development. By the time they reach the city, there is not much space left to tell the rest of the story and it all feels quite hurried.

The two girls end up being sent along with the King’s son on a journey to visit the Fairy Queen in hopes that the Fairy Queen will be able to help them end the long winter that is gripping the land. Despite that, Hunteess is a good read. Our lead characters, Taisin and Kaede, exemplify this rather brilliantly. Nature is out of balance in the human world. The POV kept headjumping, which is just about the worst thing you can do in a book.

Along the way, the hunyress begin to fall in love.