In the late fourth and early fifth centuries of our era, Hypatia of Alexandria was the world’s greatest living mathematician and astronomer. A strikingly beautiful. In the introduction to this book, Michael Deakin expresses surprise that there have been so few full-length treatments of the life and work of. Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr, by Michael A. B. Deakin, , pp., hardcover, ISBN , $ Prometheus Books,

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Hypatia’s life continues to be fictionalized by authors in many countries and languages.

Widespread falsehoods and misconceptions about Hypatia continued to proliferate throughout the late twentieth century. But he adds one important piece: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A martyr for the intellect, one could say. Or, know as much as she can, given how little concrete information we have about either of these women.

Similarities between this image and the Gaspard portrait at right indicate this one may have served as a model for the Gaspard. In his monumental work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empirethe English historian Edward Gibbon expanded on Toland and Voltaire’s misleading portrayals by declaring Cyril as the sole cause of all evil in Alexandria at the beginning of the fifth century [] and construing Hypatia’s murder as evidence to support his polemical thesis that the rise of Christianity was the sole cause of the Roman Empire’s decline.

What we know of her – as an esteemed philosopher, mathematician and astronomer in a time where women had little rights, who has chosen to stay unmarried implicitly to protect these rights – although Michael Deakin certainly does A very succinct and academic book on Hypatia; which, while reliable, loses some of its appeal by not following a narrative, instead choosing to sketch out different sources and focus on the mathematics.

He also has such a condescending tone to his writing, though I feel that he didn’t do it on purpose. Cyrene Library of Alexandria Platonic Academy. On the editing of mathematical texts”Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies31 1: During the Middle AgesHypatia was co-opted as a symbol of Christian virtue and scholars believe she was part of the basis for the legend of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. From —the bishop of Alexandria was Theophilus.


I mathe,atician the occasional allexandria and heavier reading in my life, but in comparison to other biographies, this seeme After only hearing mention of the name, I was curious to know more about Hypatia through my own reading instead of just in class and this seemed to be one of the better books on the subject. Rather, geometry was a route to the One, just as was a celibate lifestyle. Chicago confirmed my reading of the broken edge as a reference to the violent deaths both mathematidian suffered”.

This guy missed a great opportunity to examine a fascinating woman. Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fantasies. Arcesilaus Lacydes Telecles Evander Hegesinus. An actress, possibly Mary Andersonin the title role of the play Hypatiac. Neoplatonist philosopher and mathematician.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although she herself was a paganshe was tolerant towards Christians and taught many Christian students, including Synesiusthe future bishop of Ptolemais. There is so little information about Hypatia herself, that one can hardly write an entire book about her, Instead, one would have to not only include the facts we do know, but give explanation of the times she lived in, the math and philosophy she worked on, and so forth.

I was hoping for more alexandriaa information regarding the circumstances of her murder at the hands of the early christian church, but again, there i This is a rather scholarly work, so if you’re looking for some sort of detailed history of Hypatia, this isn’t it. In fact, Deakin rates her as the most accomplished mathematician in the world at This book is probably better than just OK, but that’s my mood at the moment.

Hypatia – Wikipedia

Who would have guessed that the greatest mathematician in the Roman Empire, at one time, was a woman? Theophilus died unexpectedly in I have now read this book more than five times.

This book should have been all that I would want in a book, math I got through calculus in school so I should be able to be able to understand most of right?!

Sep 23, Julie added it Shelves: We see in her life little of the compartmentalization of knowledge that such a recitation off achievement imposes upon modern ears.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr

alexaneria Arete of CyreneAedesiaAsclepigeniaand Theodora of Emesaall of whom lived out similar careers. Hardcoverans. Archived from the original on December 7, Marion Meade needs to take this biography up and do it justice. Or the History of a most beautiful, most vertuous, most learned, and every way accomplish’d Lady; who was torn to pieces by the Clergy of Alexandria, to gratify the pride, emulation, and cruelty of their Archbishop, commonly, but undeservedly, stiled St.

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Office of the “Ave Maria”, pp. Hypatia’s death sent shockwaves throughout the empire; [] [40] for centuries, philosophers had been seen as effectively untouchable during the displays of public violence that sometimes occurred hhypatia Roman cities [] and the murder of a female philosopher alexajdria the hand of a mob was seen as “profoundly dangerous and destabilizing”.

InCyril closed all the synagogues in Alexandria, confiscated all the property belonging to the Jews, and expelled all the Jews from amrtyr city. Timeline of ancient Greek mathematicians. Almost alone, virtually the last academic, she stood for the intellectual values, for rigorous mathematics, ascetic Neoplatonism, the crucial role of the mind, and the voice of temperance and moderation in civic life. Ipazia ovvero Delle filosofie poema di Diodata Saluzzo Roero.

Other editions – View all Hypatia of Alexandria: Dzielska adds the literary tradition and Deakin the mathematical. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the history of the ancient world, women’s history, women and science, and the conflicts that plagued the early Christian church.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Archived from the original on Dec 05, Karin Gastreich rated it really liked it Shelves: Deakin Snippet view – A strikingly beautiful woman and a devoted celibate, she lived in a city as turbulent and troubled as Baghdad or Beirut is today.

The consensus that Hypatia’s commentary is the source of the additional material in the Arabic manuscripts of the Arithmetica has been challenged by Wilbur Knorra historian of mathematics, [19] who argues that the interpolations are “of such low level as not to require any real mathematical insight” and that the author of the interpolations can only have been “an essentially trivial mind Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

C rated it it was amazing May 01,