19 Oct Doc (PEL system), (ATO), (UPRT), (FSTD) Training ( PANS-TRG, Doc ) – Applicable 5 November 3 to the PANS-TRG (Doc ) was approved by the. President of the Council on behalf of quickly became an ICAO priority. Following an in-depth study. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Licensing ICAO licensing standards Training (PANS-TRG, Doc ), Chapter 3, Attachment C, and in.

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The three-day workshop held in Bangkok was attended by 72 participants from 15 countriesmainly from Southeast Asia. In the first part, which was common for ATCOs and ATSEPs, the concept of gradual acquisition of competencies was interactively presented, and given the different profile of the participants, a general and non-standard example was chosen – juggling with balls.

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The aim of an EBT programme is to identify, develop and evaluate icap core competencies required by pilots to operate safely, effectively and efficiently in a commercial air transport CAT environment by managing the most relevant threats and errors based on evidence collected in operations and training.


An integral part of each competence is so-called performance criteriawhich ifao of three parts: An integral part of each competence is so-called performance criteriawhich consist of three parts:. Over the last 20 years the availability of data covering both flight operations and training activities has improved substantially, has established the need for the EBT effort and has supported the definition of the resulting training concept and curriculum.

Participants had a chance to verify the importance of step-by-step training as well as the basic principles of dof criteria in a fun way. Thank you to all those who came to EATSwe look forward to seeing you again next year.

Last session of eats is underway, hope you all enjoyed yourself in Madrid pic. November 7, 3: The participants’ feedback to the workshop was excellent and the event was a great way to share experience about the training. The future EASp, as of now called European Plan for Aviation Safety EPAS, also identified as one of the two most significant systemic issues the need to make sure that aviation personnel have the right competencies and training methods to cope with new challenges.


Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI): CANI participated at ICAO workshop in Bangkok

A special thanks our… twitter. Cirrus to purchase Alsim AL More information can be obtained from Captain Phil Cullen via www.

Thanks to our active long-term participation in this initiative and in the framework of ongoing discussions, ANS CR respectively CANI were presented as one of the leading organizations in the field. EBT arose from the need to develop a new paradigm of competency-based training CBT and assessment of airline pilots based on evidence.

This concept is called Competency-Based Training — a training based on gradual building of competencies and clearly defined performance criteria.