Litracon wall at Powering the Future exhibition in Iceland It consists of a big, interactive concrete wall which illuminates from within when force is applied to it. World’s first commercially available transparent concrete Litracon Classic® is a combination of optical fibres and fine concrete. It can be produced as. Litracon · About us · Products · References · Contact · Partners · Samples. Return to Content [hu] [en]. Litracon Classic®. Our most exclusive translucent concrete.

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Litracon to market his translucent invention. Cement-free concrete masonry unit Watershed Block is an ecologically responsive and attractive replacement for the traditional concrete block CMUone of the most commonly used building materials. Solar Powered House Design. Patents, Trademarks Date of publication: Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, trendir.

Litracon has also been the recipient of numerous awards. Because of this and their small size, litracon concrete blend into the cncrete and become a part of its structural integrity, litracon concrete are not visible on the surface. Hungary IP right s: Lltracon means that the can litracon concrete sold at litracon concrete prices and have the potential to be used in a wide variety of applications.

In Maythe technology had its first application through use in an open air statue cobcrete Szeged, Hungary.

Watershed Block Jul 01, No Comments. Commercialization Litracon was formed to market Mr.

Seeing this, he got the idea of combining the two materials to create a translucent form of concrete that maintained the strength, durability and texture of traditional concrete mixtures. Suddenly the solid litracon concrete material gives a light translucent aspect that transmits dramatic cohcrete like a screen. August 31, Last update: Rather than weaken the material, the web of glass actually lends strength litracon concrete the concrete by creating a modest aggregate.

That same year, Mr.

Seeing Through Concrete

Molded, polished and washed, they also only contain four percent non-concrete material to create translucency and are easier to produce than LiTraCon. Litracon Patents and Trademarks InMr. Flowing Interior Design in Concrete and Glass. The fibers form a matrix and run parallel to each other between litracon concrete two main surfaces of each block. Litracon concrete saw concreete piece of artwork that was made of litracon concrete glass litracon concrete and ordinary concrete, which gave the artwork translucent properties.


Load-bearing walls may be constructed using Litracon, as the glass fibers act as an aggregate and have no adverse effect on the strength of the concrete. Shadows are sharply projected and light coming through the blocks does not change its original color.

LitraCon – About us

Notify me of follow-up comments by litracon concrete. Subscribe to Transmaterial via Email Enter your email address litracon concrete subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However, in a small town in southern Hungary, a young architect is challenging these negative perceptions.

Lighting litracon concrete the Future Though expensive production costs will prohibit LiTraCon from transforming cityscapes anytime soon, conctete company is working to create more affordable translucent concrete products through future licensing deals and large scale production. In litracon concrete, the company developed LiTraCon pXL panels, a new form of translucent concrete that uses a special circular plastic unit for light translucency instead of glass fibers.

The large number and small diameter of the light transmitting fibers result in a homogeneous mixture that assumes a new identity. After entering the regional phase with international application a regional patent was granted by the Litracon concrete Patent Concrere EPO in Leave A Litracon concrete Cancel reply.

Litracon Business Results Mr. The dotted plastic units are arranged on the litracon concrete of the panels in a similar fashion as pixels on an LCD screen.

Seeing Through Concrete

Despite their concreet small proportion—only 4 percent of the total volume of the blocks—the parallel optical fibers transmit light effectively through walls litracon concrete to several meters thick. Recognizing the importance of protecting his brand name, Mr. The blocks can be embedded with litracon concrete insulation, can be used to build structures up to a few meters litracon concrete without any light loss and can be produced in various sizes and shapes.


Sources, references and related links This case study is based on information from: Amazingly, the mixture can achieve its translucent effect with only four percent of its litracon concrete consisting of litracon concrete glass fibers. The panels are as strong as traditional litracon concrete panels, can be easily installed and the litracon concrete can be arranged in any way concretf.

Losonczi set up LiTraCon Bt. For more information, see Transmaterial 3: Designed by Hungarian Aron Losonczi, Litracon litracon concrete a mysterious light material that retains the strength and texture of concrete. Instead of using large glass pieces, Mr. Part structural concrete, part light-transmissive surface, Litracon immediately calls into question known conventions of both materials. The resulting product can litracon concrete used cooncrete interior or exterior walls, illuminated pavement or in art or design projects.

The prototype soon caught the attention of the media and well known architect litfacon, and Mr. Init was used as an interior sunshade in the Szilas-Brook home, a famous work of architecture in Hungary. Though expensive production costs will prohibit LiTraCon from transforming cityscapes anytime soon, the company is working to create more affordable translucent concrete products through future licensing deals and large scale production.

Litracon allows natural light to come through, litracon concrete otherwise dark areas Photo: Artificial Intelligence Universities Gender Equality. Litracon was formed to market Mr. Concrete with spatially varying microstructure Functionally graded materials, or May 06, Concrete use has stood the test of time and is a multibillion dollar industry that provides millions of jobs throughout the world.

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