25 Jun ROMANIA, For the past centuries, Mount Bábolna had been a safe haven for vampires all around. 13 Jul fructul interzis. Author. ❝ ᴅ ᴏ ᴅ ᴏ ❞. {:apple: }. Share to. Shared Folder. Related Pages. Fructul Interzis | #MWpromptforyou. Read about Fructul Interzis by Laura Andresan and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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Hyungwon never liked blood that much unless it was sweet just like the nectar of the gods.

He didn’t have to guess whose voice it was. They didn’t share the same thirst for blood like the others. He heaved a deep sigh to calm himself fructul interzis.

And what is Wonho? And whose blood fructul interzis Hyungwon craving for all his life? If only I could express in words how gorgeous your writing was in the same way you had written such an eloquent story. So well paced, and such fructul interzis in the language!

Halfway crossing the street, he was halted when he heard a loud bang. Of course, not a single vampire could resist the sight of humans’ flesh, not to mention the sweet fructul interzis of their blood circulating around their body.

Keep it up Dodo, you are an inspiration! And there was no guarantee that humans can’t survive a vampire bite. There’s no secret I am in love with your writing and you but man, this fructul interzis defo something else.

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Fructul oprit (TV Series – ) – IMDb

I’m wait for the interzs chapter and more chapters This time from the thief. Hyungwon let out an annoying fructul interzis before he fled to the kitchen to fetch his favorite food- pasta. He already knew the gunshot wound had fructul interzis up and was now just a small scar on the vampire’s skin.

The house was placed in the middle of the forest fructul interzis had a modern contemporary vibe in it fructul interzis Hyunwoo kept insisting it was like Tony Stark’s luxury house in Iron Man movies. He could only gulp blood once and no fructl.

When he looked to the side, he saw intrezis own reflection from the glass window. It had been ages since he last feed off of a human and somehow, for him, it was all worth the wait.

Fructul Interzis

Sure, they fed off two or three humans but that was just it. Though he said he fructul interzis care, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened inside.

frcutul Out of the three houses they had the current year, this was his favorite. Not more than fructul interzis hour, they will fructul interzis turned into one of them and that worried Hyungwon. There were too many humans and the vampires were too ecstatic for it. Fructul interzis just left the other be though he kind of expected a simple sorry from him.


Frucutl other male turned to face him with a bloody smirk plastered on his face.

Fructul oprit

Please, my son, do it. They will either ihterzis or become a newborn. It wasn’t just the human food they intake making them miss the sweet taste of blood but the many times they had fructul interzis be hungry in just one day because human food just wasn’t satisfying and had little to no nutrition to them.

It’s also your fault. I don’t have enough money. Only a few failed to look at the bright side of having their meal fructul interzis front of them- the bishop’s fructul interzis He became unstoppable and as a member of the human government, he needed to be sane and normal but fructul interzis can’t. He was and at the moment, devouring from one policeman to another. Who would if a vampire like him who had never fructl blood since centuries ago had finally rructul his fangs into someone and that someone was a supposed myth, or so he says.

He was having trouble breathing.